lunes, marzo 26, 2018

Videos sobre George Soros, el gran financiero, manipulador detrás de muchas manifestaciones antisistemas, globalizadoras y que busca el control ideológico mundial así como un gobierno y un Nuevo Orden Mundial, NOM, a través de la Fundación Sociedad Abierta o Open Society Foundation entre otras

Published on Oct 19, 2017
Magnate nihilista pasa 18.000 millones de dólares a la Fundación Sociedad Abierta.
George Soros

George Soros: La última ofensiva

Published on Feb 10, 2017
Eduardo García Serrano analiza a George Soros, nueva amenaza para Donald Trump,en el informativo de Intereconomía

"George Soros es el gran maestro de la logia globalizadora"


 George Soros joven con unifirme militar

En el artículo George Soros Helped The Nazis Round Up Jews In The Holocaust se lee este fragmento:

George Soros, born in 1930, was ages 9-14 when WWII was going on in Europe. Sensing real trouble coming, his father decided to split his family up and bought them all forged papers, in the hopes that they could hide their true Jewish identity, and if they were not all in one place, the odds of some of them surviving increased.

Soros's father then bribed an official in Budapest to take in George, with the backstory being that he was this official's Christian god-son. The official in question was in charge of cleaning up after Jews were sent off to camps; he would come in and take all their valuables, and as part of maintaining his cover, young George Soros assisted in this


 Gerorge Soros actualmente

George Soros comparte con Hillary Clinton;  Chelsea, la hija de Bill y Hillary Clinton, está casada con un sobrino de George Soros