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Video de Mark LaGanga/CBS News con imágenes de alta resolución del ataque terrorista del 11 de septiembre de 2001 en New York


Video reciente sobre el ataque terrorista del 11 de septiembre de 2001 en new York

Published on Aug 31, 2018

05:48 - Inside WTC 7 at the main lobby.
09:44 - View on the WTC-7 south face from west after WTC-2 (South Tower) collapsed, but before the collapse of WTC 1 (North Tower).
18:07 - WTC 1 collapses at 10:28am.

Videographer: Mark LaGanga/CBS News
View on WTC from: Northwest, West and Southwest
Camera Locations: West Street, Vesey Street, WTC-7 lobby, Chambers Street

Video source:

NIST FOIA #09-42, Release 25,
DVD Video: 42A0120 - G25D31 ("CBS-Net NIST Dub #3" tape),
TRC: 00mn03s.871ms - 29mn03s475ms


Published on May 29, 2017
NIST Video Title: "From under Brooklyn Bridge Richard Numeroff", Video 1 of 1. 00:32 - Aircraft approaches and crashes into the South Tower (WTC 2) at 9:02:59 a.m. 00:42 - Explosion sound reaches the camera mic. 01:25 & 03:00 - Good close-up views on the impact damage at WTC 2 east face with, what appears to be some sagged floor slabs across portions of the east wall. 08:42 - Sudden increase of volume on left audio channel. Due to audio enhancements, the sound is also audible on the right channel. Videographer: Richard Numeroff WTC Viewed from: East Camera Location: Brooklyn shoreline of East River under the Brooklyn Bridge Source of video: Folder: International_Center_for_911_Studies_NIST_FOIA 1st Lv. Subfolder: Release_27 2nd Lv. Subfolder: Release 27 3rd Lv. Subfolder: 42A0277 - G26D154 4th Lv. Subfolder: VIDEO_TS File Size (1 x VTS-VOB file): 811.29 MB DVD disc contents: DVD Video found at extremely low audio volume (between 08:42 and 11:11 in video) on left channel and completely blank right audio channel. Direct source tape used for the DVD Video authored at NIST for FOIA release: NO INFORMATION ON SOURCE TAPE WAS FOUND IN THE NIST VIDEO LIST AS OF SEPTEMBER 15Th, 2011 (file: "Copy of Video_List.mdb"). Download source: MS Access or Excel is needed to open the .mdb file. Info below comes from a shrunken version of the NIST Video List as of October 26th, 2011: Tape_ID: 631 Documents Database Number: 631-WTCI-480-I Video_title: "From under Brooklyn Bridge Richard Numeroff" Tape_Source: Richard Numeroff note: [blank] Format: mini-DV Duration (min): [blank] Source:

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